Rock Statues - The Club's ROCKing New Year 2022

Hi! This year I joined #TheClubsRockingNewYear Challenge organized by The Club Discord server.
And I decided to make a nice presentation for 5 of the rocks I did during this challenge. I wanted to try something a bit different from what I am usually doing at work. Instead of sculpting rocks that are part of a Kit, I wanted to work on each rock as a unique piece, this is also why I decided to present them as "real" Statues.
I reused my sculpt from the Challenge, then I sculpted 2 types of base for the large and thin rocks, and finally I sculpted a transition specific for each rock, so they can blend with a natural look to the base. And I did my final render using Unreal Engine 4 Path Tracer.

If you want to see the other rocks I did during this challenge, you can check them here :

And I also put some of those render available as a print, if some of you are interested.
(Links below each picture)