Century Age of Ashes - Sarghildian Creek

Gameplay Preview

I had the pleasure to work on the map "Sarghildian Creek" for Century Age of Ashes as an Environment Artist. I was in charge of the creation of the cliffs/rock kit and the vistas on the mountain side. In addition, I had the opportunity to do some level art in some areas of this map, mainly in the border parts that are connected to the landscape and vistas.
The creation of the map was a team effort, many thanks to everyone at Playwing that worked on this level.
Art Director : Pascal Barret
Concept Artist : Mathieu Boyer
Lead Environment Artist : Brice Besson
TD Rendering : Frederic Cros
Technical Artist : Kevin Babin
Environment Artists :
François Dumoulin
Raphaël Thiessard
Thomas Chevenne